Yumna Zaidi uploaded some beautiful pictures from her brother’s nikkah

Yumna Zaidi is one of the most finest and versatile young actress of Pakistan.She is unequivocally a veteran actor who has recently gained much fame and recognition.Yumna Zaidi is currently locked in a drama named Bhaktawar in which she is playing the role of both a girl and a boy.

Yumna Zaidi adapts all roles with so much ease that It don’t seems like that she is acting.Yumna always gives her best in every project of her.Yumna’s innocent face is loved by all of her fans and followers.
If we talk about the age of gorgeous actress Yumna Zaidi,then surprisingly she is 33 years old.It never looks like that she is 33 years old,It seems like Yumna Zaidi is still living in her 20s because of her beauty and childish face.

For those who don’t know,Yumna Zaidi’s whole family resides in Canada and not Pakistan.She often visits Pakistan if Yumna is offered some good projects and after completing it,Yumna also travels to Canada to spend time with her family.But Yumna Zaidi is quite active on social media.

But recently,Yumna Zaidi shared her younger brother’s nikkah Picture and people are liking it a lot.It can be clearly seen in the picture that both the siblings are very much happy on their family occasion.It should be noted that Yumna’s brother name is Mehdi Zaidi and they both wore a white suit on his Nikkah.Lets have a look at the picture which Yumna Zaidi shared through her Instagram handle.

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