Waseem Badami Umrah Pictures with His Mother and Son

Waseem Badami, the celebrated Pakistani anchor recently went to Umrah with his mother and son. The pictures of the trio have taken the internet by storm, with people all over the country sending love and prayers for the Badami family.

Waseem Badami is a household name in Pakistan. He has been the face of several popular shows, including ARY News’s “11th Hour”, and has won numerous awards for his work. Recently, Waseem decided to go for Umrah with his mother and son, and the pictures of the trio have been doing the rounds on social media.

The pictures show Waseem, his mother, and his son in a state of deep contemplation and devotion while they perform the holy pilgrimage. The smiles on their faces are evidence of the peace and fulfillment they experience during the holy trip. Have a look at the pictures!

Waseem’s Umrah journey is a reminder that faith and family are two of the most important aspects of life, and that no matter how busy our lives may be, it’s always important to make time for them.

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