Writer Noor Makhdoom Reveal Why She Added ‘Martial Rape’ Theme In Storyline
Tere Bin Writer Noor Makhdoom reveal why she added ‘martial rape’ theme in storyline. Tere Bin one of the most trending drama now a days its writer reveal why she added this scene in drama and why not people getting it. So lets have a look more into this!

Pakistani drama writer Noor Makhdoom has came to forward after receiving lots of negative comments regarding the storyline. As people are not happy for promoting domestic violence’s and abusive scenes that promote marital rape. While the drama storyline changes suddenly as the main lead Wahaj Ali character turn into an aggressive man for his own wife that he always stand for.

Talking about drama storyline she said ‘It’s a situation which was the demand of the serial that will lead to the climax’. Moreover she added ‘If the audience isn’t getting it, I can’t change it,” she continued. “It’s just a drama. They should wait for the entire story to unfold instead of taking issue with every episode.’

While seems like fans are not happy what she did with the storyline but according to wrier it will turn into a big change in drama. Over this fans have shard their reaction as well. A user wrote ‘Wow there’s no need to justify your blunder spitting and slapping very good message👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 happy now .’

While another one commented ‘The problem is the script. Yumna and Wahaj showed great chemistry but all their efforts just got ruined. They shouldn’t have chosen this drama in the first place. Viewers didn’t know that it will end this way and most of us started watching it for Yumna and Wahaj. Extremely wrong choice’.

Tere Bin is the current most trending drama for sure as it is getting popularity from all over the world. Specially from people of India and Pakistan. While their styling and their outfits also grabs people attention and love.

So what are your thoughts over Tere Bin Writer Noor Makhdoom reveal why she added ‘martial rape’ theme in storyline? Do let us know in the comment box!

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