Taj Mahal was built to fulfill father’s wish. Swimming pool, servants’ quarters and precious chandeliers!

“My father loved the Taj Mahal. We are Mughals and everyone called my father Prince. Due to his wish I started building this house in 1990 and it was completed in 1994. This beautiful Taj Mahal is as beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside.

This is said by Naeem Asif Mughal who belongs to Gujranwala. Naeem Asif belongs to a Mughal family and says that he and his father loved Mughal-style buildings, which is why he built the Taj Mahal for his family and close friends. Now his wife takes care of him.

Naeem Asif Mughal said that the name of this house was earlier Mughal Mahal and its special feature was that its stones and colors were imported. After the house was ready, all the molds and machines used in building this magnificent palace were dismantled so that no one could build such a palace again.

According to Naeem Asif Mughal, there is a spacious swimming pool inside this house and dozens of servants and porters. The interior of the house is decorated with precious chandeliers, paintings of the Mughal era, waterfalls and valuable decorations.

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