Shaheen Afridi Walima Pics with Family and Friends

Shaheen Shah Afridi, the beloved Pakistani cricketer, recently celebrated his Walima ceremony after marrying Ansha Afridi, daughter of cricket legend Shahid Afridi. Their wedding became a buzz in the cricket world. Here are some stunning pictures of Shaheen Shah Afridi and Ansha Afridi to celebrate their Walima Day.

Shaheen Afridi Walima Pics

Shaheen Shah Afridi is a popular Pakistani cricketer. He enjoys great popularity not only in Pakistan but throughout the world as well. He is well-known for his amazing bowling skills and humble personality.

Recently, Shaheen tied the knot with Ansha Afridi, the daughter of cricket legend Shahid Afridi. Their wedding events were a big deal, with stars from cricket, showbiz celebrities, media persons, and even the army officers in attendance. The Walima ceremony, which is a special dinner after the wedding, took place in Islamabad. Here is how Shaheen Afridi celebrates his Walima day with family and friends. Have a look!

Greetings and best wishes to Shaheen Afridi and Ansha Afridi. Our best wishes go out to them in their future endeavors and we wish them a prosperous and happy future.

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