Shagufta Ijaz opened up about her second marriage by proving Love has no age

Shagufta Ijaz is a very popular Pakistani actress who is known for her excellence in Pakistani drama serials.Beside showing her appearance in dramas,she has also worked in films and movies.Shagufta Ijaz debuted her career back in 1980s and she has received a lot of fame and recognition after that.

Shagufta Ijaz adapts every role with so much ease.She can fit in any roles given to her and always performs brilliant in all of her projects.It should be noted that gorgeous Shagufta Ijaz has married twice in her life and her first husband is unknown to everyone.She recently opened up about her second marriage in a private talk show saying that I was a single parent for my daughter and my second husband proposed me for marriage.His name was Yahya Siddiqui.

Shagufta Ijaz further added that It took his second husband almost 2 years to convince her for marriage and he stood by his commitment.Now the beautiful duo are the parents of four daughter named Anya, Haya, Nabiha and Emaan.Her two daughter Anya and Haya are married and one of her daughter is a MBBS doctor by profession.

In terms of her acting, Shagufta Ejaz is considered as one of the finest and veteran actors of Pakistan’s showbiz industry. Apart from her stellar supporting performances, she has also entertained the viewers with her comic character in the sitcom ‘Ghar Jamai’.

If we talk about the age of Shagufta Ijaz then she is complete 51 and It seems like Shagufta is still living in her 30s by looking at her fitness.For those who don’t know,Shagufta was born on 5th may in the year 1971.

But in today’s article,we will look at some of the pictures of Shagufta Ijaz with her second husband.Dont forget to tell us in the comment section below about how did you guys like her pictures.

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