Sarah Khan posts video of Falak Shabbir singing for her daughter Alyana Falak

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir have totally set an couple goal for most of the partners in this world.If you want to see a perfect couple than just take a glimpse at Sarah Khan And Falak Shabir duo,such an amazing partners they are.

Sarah Khan And Falak Shabbir’s life has totally changed after the arrival of a little creature Alyana Falak in their lives.All of their joy revolves around this little munchkin.

The couple always posts the gorgeous pics of their daughter Alyana Falak on their feeds with captivating pictures.Since the day she came into the world,the couple started sharing their happiness with us.

Few hours before,Sarah Khan shared the video of father daughter duo on her instagram handle.The video starts as Falak Shabir was singing a music song for his daughter Alyana sitting with a very giant teddy bear looking like a doll.

The way she is looking at her Baba is making us feel like she is in peace listening to her father.What an adorable moment it is,Isn’t it?

Alyana is literally enjoying the live concert of his father with a VIP seat at her back.They both are really blessed for each other told by Sarah Falak in Good Morning show.

Falak Shabir never fails to maker her wifey realise that he is mad for her and how much he loves her.By looking at their pics it seems like they both are made for each other and this phrase really means at this time.

To have a gorgeous life partner like Sarah and a very caring husband like Falak Shabbir is indeed a king of blessing.

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