Sarah Khan gives a button up call to trollers

Sarah Falak often known as Sarah Khan is known for her simplicity and decent clothing.She has done many hit dramas and has a good image in people eyes.Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir are always in headlines because of the love between them.They respect each other very much.

Some actors and actresses showcase their personal life on their social media handles without any negative intention or something like that but sometimes the situation goes out of control and people lose their control over the keyboard and give unasked suggestions.

By the mercy of Allah the couple was blessed with a baby girl this year and she is a couple of months old now.Sarah and Falak keep posting their baby’s pictures and videos online.The baby become the center of attention to the fans for her adorable actions and cuteness.

The couple never keep the adorable moments to themselves but also share it with their fans who enjoy watching their videos.

Just recently,Sarah Khan shared a cute video of her daughter Alyana enjoying unintentionally in her baby rocker.Sarah herself was also enjoying the scenario and recorded the video of her daughter and posted on her instagram handle with a simple note for the keyboard hunters.
She wrote‘Please,keep your advices and suggestions on how to raise my baby girl.I know it very well and i do not want any suggestions.’
You can have a look at the video as well as the caption below.


Some people do not hurt their sentiments intentionally but advice them because new parents may not know how to cope up with a situation with a child.

Please give blessings to the little girl Alyana and her parents for a long life.

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