Sabeeka Imam pictures alongside her lovely friend

Sabeeka Imam certainly needs no introduction. And there is no doubt that she is also one of the most beautiful models in the Pakistani fashion showbiz industry. This girl already has all the qualities that are seen in casting a model like her tall height, her eyes, and her figure. And for this reason, she has also come to the list of number 1 models in Pakistan.

After succeeding in the fashion industry, Sabeeka Imam didn’t just keep herself bound, she also tried her luck in the acting field. Yes, a few days ago, she won the hearts of people by showing a wonderful performance in the PTV network drama serial Dushman, in which she appeared in the drama with Hassan Niazi. Apart from acting in TV dramas, she has also shown the essence of acting in Pakistani films like Sherdil.

Sabeeka Imam, due to her immense beauty, makes young boys and girls completely her followers. The actress and model reveal that she gets a lot of people in her Instagram inbox asking what her beauty secret is. Because if we consider Sabeeka’s style, she mostly copies famous Hollywood models Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner, etc.

But in today’s article, we will see Pakistani actress and model Sabeeka Imam has recently shared her new photos from Dubai on social media. In the viral photos, it can be seen that she is in Dubai with one of her friends. Unfortunately, it has to be said that she is busy posing boldly in western clothes while spending time with her friend in Dubai. And these pictures of the model are also becoming the center of criticism on social media.

If you also want to see pictures of Pakistani actress and model Sabeeka Imam in bold attire, then check out below!

Do you guys also think that Pakistani actors or models are ready to do all kinds of photo shoots for money and fame?

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