Reham Khan Enjoy Vacations With Her Husband

Reham Khan is commonly known as a Libyan born British Pakistani journalist, filmmaker and author. She was born on 3th April 1973 and daughter of a well-known Pakistani physician named Nayyar Ramzan. She is ethnologically of Pashtun backgrounds from Lughmani tribe, a sub-tribe of the Swati clan.

Reham Khan is fluent in four languages involves Urdu, English, Pashto and her familial Hindko, a language of Punjabi dialect. Her family comes from the Baffa, a town lying approx. 15 km west of Mansehra city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Reham’s parents shifted to Libya in 1960s, where she was born in Ajdabiya in the year 1973. She has two siblings involve one brother and one sister.

Reham Khan is the niece of former governor of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa named Abdul Hakeem Khan who was also the former Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court. She got her Bachelor Degree with a specialization in Education from Jinnah College for Women, Peshawar.

Reham Khan married to Ejaz Rehman, a British psychiatrist and her first cousin, when she was only 19 years old. After their divorce, Reham started working as a broadcasting journalist. She has 3 children who lived with her mother since divorce. On 6th January 2015, recent prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan declared his marriage to Reham Khan which afterward ended on 30th October 2015 through a divorce.

Reham Khan initiated her career in the year 2006 by hosting a show broadcasted on Legal TV. In 2007, she started presenting for Sunshine Radio Worcester and Hereford. In 2008, Reham joined BBC as a newscast journalist.

In 2013, Reham came to Pakistan and joined a famous Pakistani news channel News One. After that, she joined Aaj TV. In the year 2014, pursuing a short stint on PTV, she joined Dawn News hosting a current affairs show “In Focus”. In early 2015, Reham continued her work with another show on Dawn News.

In December 2015, Reham Khan started a talk show “Tabdeeli” on Neo TV. Tabdeeli is also a political motto of Imran Khan. In June 2016, she left Neo TV. Reham Khan has also created a Pakistani movie Janaan, a dreamy comedy set in Swat which released on 13th September 2016 at Eid ul Adha occasion.

Recently, Reham Khan has posted a lot of pictures with her husband Mirza Bilal. She has shared pictures on Eid as well. Reham Khan was looking stunning in a blue Saree. She also shared a few pictures from her birthday. She shared a snap from her birthday with husband. Here we have collected a few recent pictures of Reham Khan and her husband. Have a look at her pictures:

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