Mehwish Hayat Unseen Viral Clicks

Mehwish Hayat is a well known Pakistani actress and model who is in the news because of her acting but most of the time she is in the news because of her outrageous gestures and short dress. But this time he limited them to such a thing in the party that the faces of other men present there also turned red with shame.

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat may not be criticized by social media users this time because of her clothes but a video of her is going viral on social media in which she is being criticized by social media users for speaking shamefully. ۔

In this video which went viral on social media, actress Mehwish Hayat and actor Humayun Saeed are sitting together and there are many more people there. On this occasion, when someone asks the people behind the camera the secret of Humayun Saeed’s mustache, he replies that he puts oil on his mustache.

Speak in a certain way, apply “Sandy ka tail” and at the same time start laughing in a meaningful way while Humayun Saeed pulls his face back from the front of the camera while the other people there also turn red with shame.

Mehwish Hayat controlled her laughter with great difficulty and then said again that bull oil is very good for hair and then she starts laughing with her face down while the men there are also looking away and laughing. But his nonsense did not go down well with his fans.

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