Laiba Khan Shares Her Surreal Umrah Experience

Laiba Khan is a newcomer in the industry and she has already managed to get noticed and has made a space for herself in the dramas. She is beautiful and talented while her performances have made her very relatable and a household name. Laiba Khan is also a Hafiz e Quran, a fact that many people do not know about her. Acting is her passion that has brought her to the industry.

Laiba Khan just performed Umrah and it was the very first Umrah of her life. Laiba was a guest on Rabia Anum’s Ramadan transmission and shared how surreal the experience was for her. She revealed that when she started her Hifz ul Quran at the age of 8 or 9, she has since wanted to perform Umrah. Her paternal grandfather was the first person in her family who went to Makkah for Hajj and and at that time she decided that she will perform Umrah as well.

She also shared that looking at Kaabah for the very first time was an out of this world experience for her. She went with her mother and grandmother and it was a great experience of her life.

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