Irfan Pathan Umrah: Irfan Pathan arrived in Saudi Arabia for Umrah with wife Safa Baig

Irfan Pathan Umrah: Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan is in Saudi Arabia with his wife these days. He has not gone here for a holiday or for any work related to cricket, but Irfan has reached here to do Umrah.

Irfan has given information about this by sharing some pictures with his wife Safa Baig. These pictures of Irrfan are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Irfan has also taken a break from IPL commentary for Umra.

Pathan has shared three pictures on social media during his Umra, in which he is also accompanied by his wife and younger son Suleman. However, Irrfan’s elder son Imran is not visible in the pictures.

After retiring from cricket, Irfan is doing commentary in IPL. He is one of the most popular commentator in Hindi. Irfan has taken a break from commentary for Umra.

Apart from this, Irfan Pathan has been taking different responsibilities in Indian cricket. Some time ago he became a part of Legend League Cricket. During this, he did wonders with the ball and the bat.

Irfan’s big contribution in raising players like Umran Malik and Abdul Samad:-

Irfan Pathan has also contributed a lot in raising players like Umran Malik and Abdul Samad. Abdul Samad has not been able to do anything special in IPL so far but Umran Malik has impressed everyone with his pace and he may get a chance in the Indian team in the coming times.

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