I love you alot;Foreigner girl proposed Shadab Khan in a live camera-See Shadab’s reaction

One of the videos of Pakistani famous cricketer is going viral on social media now a days in which It can be seen that a girl is proposing Shadab Khan.

The foreigner lady said that Shadab Khan has gifted me his jersey and I am liking it a lot,she said it infront of Shadab Khan and other people were also present their.Shadab Khan also clicked few pictures with the girl whom he gifted his cricket jersey.

The girl also shared her picture with Shadab Khan on her social media handles and people were liking it a lot.

Meanwhile in the video which is going viral on internet,It can be seen that the girl is saying she likes Shadab Khan and she wants to marry him if there is a chance.

The girl was saying that ‘I like Shadab Khan a lot because he is a very good player and He also gave me his trouser and shirt as a gift’.She further added that ‘I told Shadab I love him a lot and I asked him to marry me’.Tho there was no answer from Shadab Khan on this scenario.

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