Fiza Khawar Performs Umrah with her Husband Abdullah Khan

Fiza Khawar is a well-known name in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She is the younger sister of the talented actress Naimal Khawar Khan and sister-in-law of Hamza Ali Abbasi. Recently, Fiza Khawar and her husband Abdullah Khan performed Umrah together.

Fiza Khawar and Abdullah Khan got married in December 2020. The couple had a beautiful wedding ceremony with their close family and friends in attendance. It was a simple affair, but the couple made sure to make sure that they enjoyed every moment of their special day.

Lately, Fiza Khawar and Abdullah performed Umrah together, and it was an excellent experience for both of them. They shared pictures and videos of their Umrah journey on social media to express their gratitude for the opportunity to perform this religious obligation. Take a look!

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