Famous prankster Nadir Ali blessed with a baby boy

Nadir Ali is a famous personality of Pakistan known for his prank videos for channel P4 pakao.His prank videos are very famous and he has earned 7 crore estimated rupees from his YouTube channel in 3 years.Not only Pakistani people but people from all over the globe watch and love his videos.

Nadir Ali once said in an interview that he has been here by so much struggle and hardwork.He further stated that No channel was ready to give him a chance for showcasing his talent and later he made his own channel and touched new heights by that.

Beside doing pranks,Nadir Ali also hosts some podcasts with famous personalities in which they talk about their life struggles and rejections, failures to get here.His podcasts are very famous throughout Pakistan.His recent podcast was with Maaz Safder,one of the top vloggers of Pakistan.

Nadir Ali tied the knot with his love Faiza in the year 2017 and the wait is over.The couple has welcomed a baby boy into their life.Nadir and Faiza have finally become parents and they must be overjoyed right now because there is a big amount of excitement in every married person life to welcome their little one and raise them.

This news rapidly spread on the social media though no one has posted the baby pics.Fans are so much excited to see the little angel.

Parenthood is indeed a blessing and every couple asks for this blessing from Allah.The reason is,children carries out the sense of the family into new generations.All the misconceptions that are alive between the couple fade away when they welcome their little one into their life.

We wish blessings to Nadir Ali and Wifey Faiza for welcoming their young one into their life.May he is healthy and safe.We also ask you to pray for Nadir Ali’s wife and child for their health.


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