Doppelganger alert: Sajal Aly’s lookalike spotted on social media

Pakistani actors are quite famous and fans love to spot the doppelganger of all the popular actors. Recently, cyber citizens have found out the lookalike of adorable Pakistani actress Sajal Aly.

A beautiful girl from Pakistan is going viral on social media because of her similar looks with Sajal.

On social media, a gorgeous Pakistani girl from Frankfurt, Germany is making waves on internet because of her unreal resemblance with Sajal Aly. Her eyes and her smile are quite similar to Sajal Aly. She got viral through her TikTok and Instagram videos and her adorable looks drew public’s attention.

The user name of the girl is Queenn Daroo and she says that she belongs to Pakistan. She also posted her pictures from Pakistan. The graceful Hijabi girl is also married and has two adorable kids as well.

Fans, soon after seeing her pictures and videos said that she has an uncanny resemblance with actress Sajal Aly and she looks more like Sajal’s real sister than Saboor Aly. Many of her pictures are giving the idea that she’s Sajal’s look a like. Have a look at a few collages.

Here is what fans have been commenting under her videos and pictures. As per fans, in a few of her videos and pictures she’s looking exactly like Sajal Aly. Here are the comments.

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