Bushra Iqbal files case against Dania Shah

Bushra Iqbal,ex-wife of Dr Aamir Liaquat has filed a case against Dania Shah for interfering in the post mortem of Aamir Liaquat.After the death of Dr Aamir,Dania shah immediately claimed that she is still his partner and everything was sorted between both of them already.Bushra Iqbal was not happy with her and filed a case in FIA cyber crime against Dania and her mother.

In an interview,Bushra Iqbal mentioned that FIA is showing a positive attitude against the case and they will take action against Dania Shah as soon as possible.Dr Aamir Liaquat got married to Dania Shah this year and this became a headline for the news channel but he did not know that he is married to a greedy woman.Within 3 months of marriage,the bank accounts of Dr Aamir Liaquat were empty.

Bushra Iqbal further said that ‘Dania filed divorce against him in the court and they did not want a single penny at that time but when Aamir passed away they were acting like Aamir was a part of their family.Dania is not accepting that she wanted divorce from him but we have the official statement of Aamir Liaquat.’

Bushra also said that the real reason of Aamir’s death is Dania.The pain and agony that she gave to Aamir liaquat was unimaginable and no one could have survived that.She leaked her videos and Aamir was not able to face anyone and there were no any marks of physical torture on Aamir’s body so we decided to stop the autopsy.Dania should we arrested as soon as possible.

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