Alyzeh Gabol is expecting her first baby with her ex husband Zoraiz Malik

Alyzeh Gabol stepped into the world of modelling at a very young age and she knew that She is going to be a very successful person.Alyzeh entered into the showbiz when she was a teenage but now she is a supermodel from Pakistan.

Alyzeh Gabol is a model turned actress who got famous after her cameo appearance for the brand Rangreza with co star Bilal Ashraf.After that,she got lot of offers from many well known brands just like Sunsilk,Bareeze,Ethnic,Rangrez and many more.

Recently,Alyzeh Gabol was asked some questions about her profession line for which she replied that ‘Acting is not only my source of income or something like that,It has a deep connection with me and I would love to work for many more years in this acting line’.Furthermore,she does not like to showcase her personal life on social media at a high level.

Renowned actress Alyzeh Gabol is expecting her first baby with husband Zoraiz Malik.

Alyzeh Gabol was in great limelight after she tied knot with Zoraiz Malik because her mother in law posted some alluring chats which got leaked in which two people were putting allegations against Alyzeh Gabol in a seductive way.Tho it was reportedly not true and It was just a planning to defame Alyzeh and her family in which her innocent mother in law got trapped unintentionally.

Zoraiz Malik also posted a story related to it saying that ‘My mother has increased the difficulties for me and my wife’.Keeping these things aside,The couple just shared the news of their pregnancy. On his Instagram, Zoraiz Malik announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

Additionally, he denounced the harassment his wife has experienced on social media.

For those who don’t know, Alyzeh Gabol was married to a person named Osama before but later on they both parted ways for some unknown reasons.Alyzeh has also a daughter from her first husband Osama named Miral.

In February of last year, the model got married for the second time. She tried to keep her husband’s identity a secret at first, but it was soon disclosed that she was married to Zoraiz Malik.

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