A young son donated his liver to his mother and set an example

First we heard about the story of a sister donated one of her kidney to his brother and saved his whole life.Now,a proud son has done a thing which will inspire all of the men living in our society and he has once again nourished the relationship between a mother and son.

Our parents are the only people in this world who want to see us grow without any self benefit.A mother’s love is unconditional and selfless. She never gives this love to her children for the sake of any reward in the future but when Maa gets old,she is a burden on her children As if she is a superwoman who can never become old nor she can get ill.But here we mention one thing that all sons are not equal alike in this world.

Syed Tauseef Shah is the real example of this and is a proud son of a proud mother.Syed Tauseef Shah saved his mother’s life by donating his liver to his mother.Unfortunately,his mother was diagnosed with liver cancer and the only way for her to be alive was her liver transplant.

In many countries like Pakistan, it is very difficult to find out a healthy lung in a short span of time. So, Tauseef decided to donate his own lung to his mother.Ofcourse,a child cannot repay what his mother has done for his whole life but the mother would be very happy to know that his son has saved her life.

It should be noted that the family decided to do this surger in Gambat Institute of medical sciences.In a recent post by Syed Tauseef he thanked the best efforts and care of the staff, Tauseef mentioned that he and his mother are now fine after a five-month hectic treatment.

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