70s actor Shahid Hameed lovely photographs with family

Shahid Hameed is a very veteran actor of Pakistan who has worked in many Lollywood based movies of Pakistan.Shahid Hameed was known for his expressions and dialogue speaking tact in the movies.He achieved the peak time of his career from 1975 to 1980s and further.It is known that Shahid Hameed has worked in more then 150 movies and he debuted his career in 1971 by showing his appearance in the movie named Aansoo.

Shahid Hameed quit working in Pakistani movies in 1988 but he made a big comeback in 2018 by working in movie Wajood.Shahid Hameed has married 4 times in his life.He first tied the knot with Begum Munaza Shahid and they both are probably still together.Shahid Hameed and Begum Munaza Shahid tied the knot when they were young,It was an arranged marriage.

In the early 1980s, while married to his first wife, Shahid also married and divorced three popular Pakistani actresses, Zumurrud, Ishrat Chaudhry and Babra Sharif.His first wife accepted all of his marriages and lived peacefully with all of them.

Shahid Hameed earned Nigar Award for best actor in film Shabana which was aired in 1976.He was also awarded with Nigar Award for best supporting actor in Deedar which came to theaters in 1974.Shahid Hameed was a versatile actor of his time and no one was ready to compete him in 1980s.

If we talk about the age of versatile actor Shahid Hameed then he turned 72 this year but by his looks he still seems to be living in his 40s.Shahid Hameed is very fit and handsome tho being more then 70.Lets have a look at some family pictures of Shahid Hameed from the past.

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