5 famous personalities with same profession as their wives

Most of the couples do not go long with their marriage because of the competition and time management,but when a couple is satisfied then It is long lasting marriage.They both understand their issues regarding life because of the same passion and profession.Here we will mention five famous personality couples with same profession.The couple has a very good mutual understanding between each other.

Iqrar ul Hassan and his two wives
Iqrar ul Hassan known for his brave actions against criminals across Pakistan has two wives with the same profession as his.Iqrar ul Hassan often hosts television shows and works as a news anchor for ARY news show sar e aam,he was previously a newscaster.Iqrar ul Hassan got married to his fellow anchor Qurat ul Ain Hassan in 2008 and he got married second time to news anchor and host Farah Yousaf.He is living a happy life with both of his wives and a son from his first wife.

Zeeshan Malik and Ayesha Naz
Zeeshan Malik used to be a journalist for Express news meanwhile Ayesha Naz was also a news caster for Waqt News.They both met through their professions and later on became good friends.They got mutual understanding between each other and tied the knot to become life partners.

Kashif Abbasi and Meher Bukhari
Kashif Abbasi is a senior anchorperson and newsteller of Pakistan.He hosts the political talk show Off the record on ARY news.Meher Bukhari is a famous host and news person of Pakistan who has worked for many news channels till now.She is currently associated with HUM news as of 2021.Kashif Abbasi once confessed in an interview that he do not talk about politics or any news in his home because of any quarrels happening up with his wife.

Ehtesham Amiruddin and Ayesha Ehtesham
Ehtesham Amiruddin began his career as a barrister. He also practiced law regularly and worked as a lecturer in several educational institutions. He also worked as a news anchor with Express, ARY and Dawn. He also hosted the program News Beat and now he meets his wife Ayesha Ehtesham on New News from where their friendship turned into love and they both decided to get married. This young couple is also the same. Working in the field is a happy married life.

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