10 most loving celebrity husbands from Lollywood who are real heroes to their wives

There are many celebrities in Pakistan who express their love for their wives in public. But in our society, it is very wrongly understood that if you want to love your wife, you can do it in your room instead of telling the world. And that’s why every day some Pakistani celebrities are criticized on social media because of their love pictures.

10 most loving celebrity husbands from Lollywood who are real heroes to their wives
Once Sarwat Gilani shared a picture with her husband while celebrating vacation in which she can be seen showing her love to her husband in a public place and they are both kissing each other. But as soon as this picture went viral on social media, people started getting angry at Sarwat and her husband. But after a few days, Sarwat confirmed that we listen to people through one ear and blow through the other.

Another Pakistani actress and model, Sana Fakhar, shared a picture with her husband from their hotel room, where she can be seen kissing her husband while sitting in the bedroom. But as soon as this picture hit the internet, people started saying that the Pakistani actress is following western culture and can go to any extent to get fame. And there is no doubt that every day some bold picture of actress Sana Fakhar is shared on her Instagram account.

You all know that a few days ago Ghana Ali started her married life by marrying businessman Umair Gulzar. And because of this marriage, the actress also faced a lot of criticism because her husband also has a 12-year-old son from his first wife. But Ghana Ali also remains the center of people’s anger for sharing romantic photos with her husband, but still, she does not stop from this act and continues to share such photos with the public.

But in today’s article, we will see pictures of many Pakistani actresses with Sarwat Gilani Sana Fakhar, Aiman Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Ghana Ali who do not feel any problem in sharing romantic pictures with their husbands. So let’s see.

1: Fatima Effendi And Kanwar Arsalan

10 most loving celebrity

2: Hira Mani And Salman Sheikh aka Mani

3: Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt

4: Sana Fakhar and Fakhar Imam

5: Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui

6: Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza

7: Ghana Ali and Umair Gulzar

8: Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

9: Ayesha Beig and Shahveer Jafry

10: Sanam Chaudhry and Somee Chohan

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