Hira Mani’s Latest Clicks Surprises Netizens

Hira Salman is well-known and the most-liked by her stage name Hira Mani in the industry. Her date of birth is Feb 27, 1988. Mani is her nickname and she is a beautiful Pakistani TV actress, contributor, and former video jockey. Hira established her career in the Urdu drama industry. Presently Hira Mani Age is 33 years old (As of 2021).

Hira Mani is a gorgeous and beautiful Pakistani Superstar and TV actress. And she has become more popular in the Urdu drama industry due to her beautiful style and cuteness. Her famous drama is Do Bol and in this drama, she played a leading role. Readout Hira Mani Age, Height, Weight Career Life, Family, Husband, Boyfriends, Instagram, Net Worth & More.

When we think of social media, one of the first things that comes to our minds is how much of an impact it has on people. The hate that often fills comment sections can leave people scarred, the carefully edited pictures that leave others envious and critical of their own perceived flaws and the people who like to spew nonsense without a thought of who is impacted by what they say.

Enter celebrities like Hira Mani who use their platforms to share pictures, videos and ridiculous statements and then believe they can wish it all away with an apology.

But in the real world, an apology doesn’t wash away your wrongdoings. Saying sorry is great, but it doesn’t mean you get away with doing or saying something wrong just because you say it.

On Monday, the Ghalati actor took to Instagram and stirred controversy after she said she doesn’t want Dua Zehra — a minor from Karachi who was reported initially reported kidnapped in April and later found to have ‘eloped’ in Punjab with someone who is not a minor — and her ‘husband’ Zaheer to part ways.

In now expired Instagram stories, Mani had justified her statement by saying, “I’m not politically right but emotionally correct. That’s why I am Hira Mani.” Indeed, Hira Mani is almost never “politically right”. In fact, we often think she doesn’t even know what it means to be “politically right” — if she did, she wouldn’t say half the things she does.

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